Network Isolators – Answers to frequently asked questions

Network isolator explained simply

The use of a network isulator enables the galvanic isolation of a copper-guided Ethernet data line, thus preventing the transmission of undesirable voltages and currents between electrical devices. The aim of network isulators is therefore to transmit the data signal via electromagnetic induction with as little loss as possible and to isolate unwanted currents. Due to this process, the passive, electronic components do not need their own power source and behave completely transparently in the data network.

Applications for network isolators

Usually network isolators are used in the industrial sector and in medical technology to protect patients according to standards. But also in the HiFi area network isolators can be very helpful and prevent unsightly hum loops.

Network isolators in IT

In order to be able to operate IT equipment within security areas without danger, it is necessary to use isolating transformers and to galvanically isolate the network connections from the rest of the network by means of a network isolator. If this is not done, the sum of the leakage currents - of the devices connected in the IT network - can quickly exceed the legal limits. The result is hum loops, which can disturb - and in some cases even destroy - telephone, network connections and monitor reception. In particularly unfavorable constellations, even people and animals can be endangered by electric shocks or fires can occur.

Important is the correct use

Network isulators are used in a wide variety of applications. In order to comply with the legal limits of the respective area, it is therefore important to obtain the correct information in advance. The network isolator MED MI 1005 meets even the high demands placed on medical electrical equipment and can therefore be integrated into almost any network.

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