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Medizinische Mehrfachsteckdose MEDX ZPA - Perfektion durch Vielfalt
Medical multiple socket outlet MEDX ZPA Order number: 2012380e
Medical multiple socket outlet MEDX ZPA (PE) Medical approved power strip / TUV Germany report according to 60601-1 | up to 3600W total power| Aluminum case | disconnect protection | bendable power strip. Made in Germany
Medical multiple socket outlet e-medic™ MED4-Q400AN EU
Medical multiple socket outlet e-medic™... Order number: 2012098e
4-way multiple socket outlet for medical useage. Cable length 3m. Form: Square | Tested according to IEC 60601-1:2005 / AMD1:2012 (Edition 3.1) and ISO 80601-2-13:2011 / AMD1:2015
MEDX CH Spital Steckdose POAG
MEDX CH Spital Steckdose POAG Order number: 2012636e
Speziell für den Schweizer Markt entwickelte MEDX Spital Steckdose POAG | TÜV geprüft nach 60601-1 | ohne Kabel | 4 Module | bis 3600W ges. Belastung | robustes u. stabiles Alu Gehäuse | Abzugssicherung
Medizinische Mehrfachsteckdose MED5 ZPA
Medical multiple socket outlet MED5 ZPA Order number: 2007205e
Medical multiple socket outlet MED5 ZPA Fuse socket insert: 2-G fusion inserts 5x20mm, load per outlet max 1400W, entire power strip load: 3600W max.
Mehrfachsteckdose mit Trenntrafo
Medical multiple socket with galvanic isolation Order number: 2011786e
Medical multiple socket outlet with galvanic isolation. The only multiple socket outlet that secures your system according to the DIN EN60601-1 standard. Consisting of e-medic MEDX socket strip and Baaske MEDX T1200 isolation transformer.
Industrial multiple socket e-medic™ Powerstrip 500 EU
Industrial multiple socket e-medic™ Powerstrip... Order number: 2012161e
Multiple socket outlet Powerstrip 500EU for industrial use
Set Feinsicherung 5x20mm, träge
Set microfuse MEDX/MED5 Order number: 2012828
This set of 10 microfuses 5x20mm, slow blow, is an accessory for the multiple sockets MEDX and MED5 ZPA. The fuses trigger immediatly after detecting occurring errors and therefore prevent the connected electrical Systems from failure.
MEDX/MED5 ZPA mounting plate
MEDX/MED5 ZPA mounting plate Order number: 2012585e
MEDX/MED5 ZPA mounting plate Incl. drilling holes for universal rail or mounting clamps. Incl. mounting screws.
MEDX ZPA standard rails clamps (2 Pcs)
MEDX ZPA standard rails clips (2 Pcs) Order number: 2007208e
MEDX ZPA standard rails clips (2 Pcs) to mount MEDX ZPA on standard mounting rails. Required Accessory: mounting plate
MEDX Sperrdeckel Grün KIT
MEDX Cap Green KIT Order number: 2011449e
MEDX Cap Green KIT Covers outlet and fuse holder
Rohrbefestigung für Steckdosenleisten MED5/MEDX
Pipe mounting clamp for power strip MED5/MEDX Order number: 2006327e
MEDX ZPA pipe mounting Clamp for a standard diameter <40mm. This clamp can be connected to the mounting bracket. Mounting diameter max. 40mm In combination with mounting plate Item No. 2007232
MEDX ZPA Einzel Abzugssicherung KIT Grün
MEDX ZPA Single Guard KIT Green Order number: 2011468e
MEDX ZPA Single Guard KIT Green To prevent accidental pulling out or adding of SCHUKO plugs Covers: 1 power socket, type 01 bracket (simple)
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